Do You Have a Manger for Jesus?


I’ve got the chance to go out and let my adventurous eyes be fed abundantly with the air of this no-need-to-spell season.

Along the road, it seems like there’s a competition with a billion peso prize awaiting the winner. The establishments whether big or small are all well-lit with colors and sparkles especially at night. The streets are extravagantly-decorated with themes, names and real works of art.

I entered three different malls and they sound holy welcoming their patrons with Christmas songs from solemn to joyful. All the corners even the stores in the nookiest nook will never miss reminding you that: “Hey, it’s Christmas time!”

I visited two churches and I wasn’t surprised to see huge Belen with big star on top. The members of the Holy Family including the sheeps and the three wise men are even life sized.

The tummy of my eyes is now full and I am a bit tired SO I knelt down in one of the kneeler attached to the pew inside the chapel.

With the wanderings I just did, everyone is seemingly ready – decors, gifts and food for each family’s table. Some perhaps have done little outreach to make sure that they have exercised the GIVING thing which is the spirit of Christmas.

JESUS CHRIST was born thousands of years ago. He maybe happy now seeing us still celebrating HIS birthday with gifts, food and shimmering decors BUT with the passing years, HE must have been expecting a more meaningful celebration from ‘GROWN-UPs’ in FAITH.

More than any other grandiose preparation, the most essential is if we have a REAL HOME for HIM in our HEART. Is it clean and free of filth? Are the veins of our faith not a bit disheveled? Are we confident and brave enough to put a WELCOME JESUS sign at the entrance of our heart?

JESUS CHRIST knew how difficult it is for us to maintain the purity of heart and soul. Surely, HE wouldn’t expect a palace from us – a SIMPLE MANGER within our HEARTS will DO…