A Mother's Day Reflection

May 11, 2014. Mother's Day

At the start of this special day, I was reflecting on the privilege of motherhood. Not every woman on earth was chosen to become a mother...to become vessels of God's children, especially of His priests and religious. What a gargantuan responsibility upon mothers' shoulders... accountability to God our Father.
I can't help remember learning from Heaven Is Real, true to life movie, that even the soul of a child who died in her/his mother's womb grew up in heaven even if s/he was not given a name. So, we can clearly conclude that souls of aborted babies also go to heaven. When a mother commits abortion, only a Bishop can absolve her from this sin...and many may not know this. Many testimonies of unwanted children who became good/great individuals are many too..they can inspire & strengthen confused would-be mothers to defend the life of the unborn & courageously do God's will.
Only Mother Mary can show us mothers ~ God's way. We can never go wrong with a devotion to Her & holding Her hand every step of the challenging way. Praying the rosary everyday keeps us connected to our Mothers' Heart.
Thank you dear Lord for granting my heart's desires today. 
Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for mothers' deepest, silent prayers 
The surprises You gave me today filled my love tank, to keep pouring unconditional love to my children & the 'special' children you've given me...for my life to bear abundant fruit according to Your will, with Your daily grace, for the fullness of my life.