About Us

On June 8, 1986, through Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez, D.D., the Holy Cross Parish of Calumpang, General Santos City was erected. Fr. Apolinario A. Plaza, C.P. served as the 1st Parish Priest. It all started as a small community being part of the mother parish, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Dadiangas, GSC. Fr. Harold Reusch, C.P., the then, Vice Provincial of the Congregation of the Passion, saw the need of giving birth to another parish because of the increasing number of the faithful in the locality.
The parish is composed of seven (7) barangays namely: Bawing, Tambler, San Jose, Fatima, Calumpang, labangal and part of Apopong. Out of these seven barangays,  23 GKK’s started the operation of the parish.
After Fr. Pol, Fr. Harold took over the leadership as parish priest from May 16, 1988 up to November of the same year. Rev Fr. Gabriel Baldostamon, C.P. took over from December 1988 up to May 1989. After him was Rev. Fr. Wilfredo Estraza, C.P. who served from June 1, 1989 to May 1990. In June 8, 1990, Fr. James T. Oclarit, C.P. was installed as the 5th Parish Priest. Fr. Marcelo S. Em, C.P. took over in June 8, 1996. In June 8, 1998 Fr. Nazario P. Benitez, C.P. was put into office. After him, Fr. Roberto B. Wapaño, C.P. was installed as the 8th parish priest in August 16, 2000 up to June 2003. In the middle of 2003 up to April 2005, Fr. Roberto P. Alegre, C.P. assumed the office as the 9th Parish Priest. After Fr. Bert’s term, Fr. Nazario P. Benitez assumed office but was soon replaced by Fr. Pol, in May 7, 2005 who was installed once again, as the parish Priest. On June 8, 2008, Fr. Antonio D. Saligan, C.P. was installed as 12th Parish Priest. On January 18, 2011, Fr. Rogie was installed as the 13th Parish Priest.
Several Vicars have also served in this parish namely: Frs. James T. Oclarit, Edwin S. Flor, Deorito S. Sustiguer, Vicente S. Supranes, Vicente B. Gabut, Louie Y. Fuentespina, Edward S. Loberiano, Nonito S. Adorable, Mario A. Cutab, Dandy B. Traje, Antonio D. Saligan,  Giovanni A. Oncog,  Locarno O. Anor,  and Mark Reagan G. Tobias. At present, Frs. David T. Ong, C.P. and Ramel S. Poquita, C.P. served as parochial vicars.
The parish is now active in its formation program, liturgical celebrations and apostolate through the three (3) committees namely: PARISH COMMITTEE ON SOCIAL ACTION (PSAC), PARISH COMMITTEE ON CHRISTIAN FORMATION (PCOCF) and PARISH COMMITTEE ON WORSHIP & LITURGY (PCOWL).
Several improvements in structure are now visible in the parish. We have now our newly built Perpetual Adoration Chapel, CWL Center, Pre-Cana Hall, HCA and LOM Center, and a more comfortable rest rooms. The ministries and other programs have now their own offices to cater their needs. At present, the ceiling installation of our church building is almost complete.
From 23 GKKs, it grew up to 110 GKKs which comprises the sixteen (16) zones, whose compositions vary from four (4) to ten (10) BEC’s, depending on the physical and geographical structure of the place.
Eight (8) Public Elementary and three (3) Public High Schools are being catered by our Catechetical Ministry. Unfortunately, we have only 10 school catechists
We have 272 Family and Life Workers who are serving the community in line with family apostolate. Every week, our Kriska Alagads are very enthusiastic in conducting the Kriska Sessions. As of now, we have 412 Kriska Units organized, each unit is composed of six (6) to ten (10) families. These neighboring families will gather in one of the houses of the members, once a week to reflect on the Sunday Gospel and share their insights in relation to their day to day living. The sharing will be facilitated by a Kriska alagad. And we have 567 commissioned Kriska Alagads in the parish. They make the BEC members alert, active and enthusiastic. We also have more or less 115 newly commissioned Lay Cooperators, who are active in presiding our weekly Bible Service which is celebrated in every GKK. 
Last July 15, 2008, the long-dreamed new parish, Our Lady of Fatima was born. The creation of the new parish affected the pastoral scenario. From 110 GKKs, it boils down to  69 GKKs. But at present, 3 communities are now applying to be recognized as GKK, 215 Family and Life workers, 567 Commisioned Kriska alagads, 412 Kriska Units, 109 Catechists serving the community and 10 school catechists serving 6 schools.
The parish is envisioning a worshipping, witnessing and serving community of  disciples of Jesus Christ. Nourished by the Word and Sacraments, this community strives to become the Church of the Poor in dialogue with life and faith of other cultures.
This is also the very reason why we strive to organize the Perpetual Adorers group, who are faithful in spending at least one hour a day in the Adoration Chapel. The parish is also trying to hold ecumenical dialogue with other religions so we can share with them our faith.
To realize this vision, we commit ourselves to live an integrated spirituality. We will witness to a life of simplicity and fidelity to our commitment as the best way of evangelizing.  Added to it, we also commit ourselves to be in solidarity with the poor by being responsive to their joys and hopes, their grief and anguish (GS #1) and their needs. We are resolved to build and strengthen the BEC/GKK as a new way of becoming Church.